You most likely don"t think over there are any kind of reasons to enter a beauty pageant, yet I"m right here to tell friend there room a ton of factors why girlfriend should! A lot of people think that it"s all about the large hair, beauty, walking roughly on stage, and also being plastic! I"m here to tell you the what you watch on TV from "Toddlers and Tiara" and also "Here come Honey Boo Boo" aren"t yes, really! These space the actual reasons to get in a beauty beauty pageant... Take it it indigenous a former Miss teen Arizona.

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The number among a million factors to get in a beauty, beauty pageant is to develop self-confidence. Take me, because that example... You would never capture me talking in front of huge crowds, or being social at all... Until my Mom gotten in me in my first pageant among 213 girls! Talk around life changing! ns walked far by being fourth runner-up and also I was in awe of how much self-confidence i had gained in one weekend!


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2 LESSONS girlfriend LEARN

There room so plenty of things you learn not only about yourself, however also around communication skills, leadership, interviews, and also poise! Pageantry is a doorway for those who want to it is in on stage, offer back, and also of course learn more about themselves! I never saw pageantry as a competition, I always looked at it as a finding out experience. Because out that the entirety weekend, you find out so much that it"s beyond mind blow what you deserve to grasp!


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The girls you complete with become your family, regardless of every the stereotyping about catty girl fights and also fake, plastic personalities. You"ll it is in pleased to discover that it isn"t true. You"ll constantly have among those girls, however I"m happy come say that all the girls I"ve competed with space STILL mine friends, and we consider ourselves a sisterhood! assistance system, backbone, encouragement, and also much more!


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Pageantry offers you a home window of opportunities, this people ties in through the entertainment world! So, it opens up doors come modeling, acting, performing, and also much more! also if you want to speak out around things you are passionate around for philanthropy point out of views together well! I have been blessed; since doing pageantry i have remained in movies, ~ above TV, modeled, hosted, walk radio, sang in concert, and also much more! And, I was able to do all of these thanks to gift in a pageant!


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5 neighborhood INVOLVEMENT

Now, the ideal sides the pageantry are the organizations you obtain to occupational with or begin! I"m all about giving back, paying it forward, and also doing the ideal thing! Pageantry gives you the chance to network with countless organizations and also work v them, help them spread out the awareness and also much more! Now, friend don"t require a sash or crown come be associated with your community!


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Now, of food the crown and sash are materialistically the highlights the the competition. The location itself! But, something my successor once called me is the "you specify the crown, the crown go not specify you." Meaning, you make the crown, so do something good, amazing, and also make a difference. Your power is only a year, and also in a year you have the right to do every little thing your heart pleases! plenty of of mine sister Queens and also I began our own organizations, and also some are even on television now!


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7 new YOU

I would be lied if I said pageantry didn"t execute anything for you! due to the fact that pageantry literally readjusted who ns am, mine vision, and everything I once was. It taught me therefore much about myself, and I learned therefore much about other an essential things in life from poise, grace, appropriate communication, structure self-confidence, networking, and also much more!

I would never take ago any that the competitions I"ve ever competed in. I"m grateful for each and every endure I"ve encountered. Although, ns may have actually not winner every solitary one, i walked away with much an ext than a crown and title. This alone space my factors to enter in a pageant. Have you ever competed in a pageant? If so, what systems? carry out you disagree through my article, and if you do, why?


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Nana I love pagents to be doing it all my life


melody I Aphrodite


Cloise I an initial entered a pageant as soon as I was 14 and also I to be shy and most civilization would take it my pageant insignificant a joke. Ns was always insecure around my legs due to the fact that their huge and I"m short. It to be a crude oil awakening. I was for this reason down but I had much more than mine insecurities. What i was reasoning I become. What if the girl has lean legs if I"m much much more beautiful than her. The sounds very boastful however I kept it come myself though and it helped. ~ the pageant i was 2nd runner up, no too negative for me. I accepted it and never regretted the experience. Now that I`m 16, it totally helped me through college life and had love every component of me! The sum of the totality parts is what renders us beautiful. :))


Jory Pageants room the finest things for anyone through low self-confidence, it really lifts the up! You become a brand-new and i was sure you ~ it"s over, with or without the crown! Everyone have to participate :)


Katherine are there certain org. That I have the right to look into?~ thank you for any advice.


Katherine Where perform you uncover your local pageants, are there organions .


maddie I really prefer pageants but my mom won"t allow me enter


Michelle Can u get in a pageant if ur 22


Michelle Le, yes. Miss U.S. International accepts girls as much as 26 year old. The winner represents the USA in ~ Miss international in Japan!


Maddie How old need to you be as soon as you start entering pagents


Rebecca Kerr by any kind of chance room you related to Miranda Kerr?


Abby Beauty pageants award world for being pretty...

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Abby, no lock award civilization for being me confident, duty models. Quite is the result of the assembly artists and also hair dressers. Every girl deserve to be 'pretty' top top the outside.


Rebecca That to be a really interesting post! gift British I had a very stereotypical check out of pageants, however this short article has definitely changed my opinions! Pageants in England get a judgemental response; specifically with shows like toddlers and tiaras!


Sarah I love doing pageants! I"ve excellent them for ever and also I"ve winner so numerous titles! They"re a an excellent confidence booster, and you gain to wear some exceptional dresses!