Johnny Depp newly did one interview wherein he spoke about his role as Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie the made several years back. In that interview, a lot of of world — consisting of quite a couple of physicians and speech pathologists — to be shocked in ~ his weird English-sounding accent and hints of other accents in his speech.

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Seems as though there is no known reason for Depp to have obtained an English accent due to the fact that when he lived abroad he no live in England, he stayed in France, and while he did adopt an English accent because that Pirates the the Caribbean, that was just his project as one actor play a part.

Many actors have to either usage or lose an English accent, but in Depp’s case, a couple of doctors — one in specific — think that the aging gibbs may have actually a disease called FAS, or foreign Accent Syndrome.

FAS is a an extremely rare brain disease where the victim increase from some traumatic occasion with a international accent. Some doctor’s think the it’s a real an illness and others think the victims room faking the interval for attention or some type of psychological illness. The disease did no exist until 1941, which is right around the time that most world throughout the world were exposed via movement pictures, that the miscellaneous accents of the world, and also this has numerous doctors wonder if possibly the appearance of FAS is some kind of beat acting. If this is true, Johnny Depp is either faking one accent for his own amusement or he has a mind disease.

“Johnny Depp is going v some sort of career dilemm or aging process and, in my opinion, that is without doubt suffering from international Accent Syndrome or maybe some different of the disease,” claimed Dr. Jason Burns MD, a language pathologist and neurologist.

“If the was merely playing v the idea of speaking through an accent to seem an ext sophisticated or worldly, his accent would certainly sound decidedly British, yet in Depp’s instance I think the his interval is a muddled mish-mash of several accents that room the an outcome of some damage to the parts of the mind that manage language an abilities and the joint of particular syllabic sounds.

“The primary signature the FAS is the the accent seems odd or the end of place. It can sound a tiny English and also a little Irish and a little Russian or German. In other words, it’s either a deliberate effort at one accent however poorly executed, or it’s a mind malfunction. In Johnny Depp’s case, that is clear to the American ear the he has actually done a rather great job placing on his English accent because that Jack Sparrow parts in Pirates of the Caribbean, but now that the exhilaration is over and the real brain has take away control, there might be residual damage. The actor Johnny Depp deserve to indeed speak really well with the interval of one English pirate, but the real Johnny Depp — Johnny Depp the male — cannot speak really well at all with an English accent. This is the hallmark authorize of FAS and it will only obtain worse as he gets older.”

According to other experts, over there is no cure for international Accent Syndrome, and also although a couple of of those afflicted have had short remissions, the an illness returns and also the interval is one of two people worse or totally different.

Foreign interval Syndrome is really rare — less than 100 reported cases due to the fact that 1941 — yet it seems to it is in growing. Actress catalent Turner is an additional example of one actor that suffers from FAS, but her accent has actually no known derivation. One cannot tell if the English or Russian or French or related to any language talked anywhere top top the planet.

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Madonna, an American popular music singer who did live in England for countless years, had a obtained an English accent and also it was feared the she was either mentally okay or suffering from FAS. It was soon figured out that she to be faking an interval so as to sound innovative because she had deep-rooted insecurities about her aging face and body and also the truth that she to be an simple American living abroad. Once her fake accent drew criticism from her fans, she dropped it and went ago to speaking with just a hints of her aboriginal Detroit, Michigan USA accent.

“We room praying for Johnny Depp and also we hope he can overcome this affliction,” said Sister Frances DeSalles, a nun in Ireland that works together a nurse for the deaf and mute. “Johnny Depp has brought so much delight to the world and to have him speaking favor this is really sad and deeply disturbing. Possibly if his American pan stood behind him and showed him the way, he would certainly go earlier to his genuine voice. It would be a shame if his regular voice were to be shed forever.”