‘On This Day’ is a commemorative short article series dedicated to details events, matches, and also occurrences in wrestles history.

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us revisit those crucial moments and look ago at how they went down and also what they meant to the wrestling industry. WWE’s huge Red Machine, Kane, & the date might 19th is our focus.

Dates and numbers often lug with castle reminders. Because that the WWE’s huge Reg Machine, Kane the day May 19th will forever live in infamy. Together the weeks started to pass the sheer point out of the date May 19th frequently triggered one unrelenting attack by Kane. Throughout his enhance with The big Show, Kane can hear his voice echo out loud may 19th. He would respond by shouting out ‘they’re every going come know’, and ‘it’s happening’. As he feverishly clutched his ears, Kane wasn’t the exact same person. He was panic-stricken. With The huge Red machine distracted by this, The large Show took it upon self to win him with a stole chair.

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While the day in chin is fictional, the results have actually brought around a reminder that Kane’s past. As the may 19th, 2006 edition of Smackdown had come upon us, Kane faced Rey Mysterio Jr. In facing Mysterio, Kane was dealing with a detailed champion with a history of success. Although he to be hand-chosen by JBL, this didn’t it would be one all but foregone conclusion the he would defeat Mysterio.

Kane and May 19th

When the voices might be heard once again, Kane chokeslammed both his opponent Mysterio and JBL. It wouldn’t be until the following week’s Raw wherein the date and what the meant came to be clearer. Might 19th was the day his adopted mother and also family died in a fire. The story of the tragedy continued on days and weeks after, the day took place. When the day held meaning the story the its an interpretation carried on past this date. Ten job after the day had pass Kane was challenged by the ‘imposter’ Kane. When the enhance continued to take place, the imposter proceeded to chokeslam the huge Red Machine. The complement itself was for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This actions ultimately cost Kane his possibility at the title.

As the weeks ongoing to pass, Kane and also his ‘imposter’ continued to battle. Fans should keep in mental the date’s significance has actually taken precedence over the actual date. In ~ the WWE Vengence 2006 pay per view event, the imposter Kane defeated Kane. ~ a little much more than a month after the date, Kane eliminated the imposter’s mask and also threw the from the arena. The date’s an interpretation was far-ranging but not for the reasons we had actually thought. The was also the release date of the WWE Studio’s film See No Evil.

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We never really find out on-screen the the partnership the imposter Kane had with the actual Kane. Fans will likely not forget a day that will certainly remind lock publicity deserve to be anything. That takes on all sorts of various shapes and sizes. Because that the WWE, might 19th was one households death and also the release day of a film.