Star Wars: when Obi-Wan Trained together A Jedi Under understand Yoda In The empire Strikes Back, Obi-Wan Kenobi mentions that he to be trained through Yoda, yet the prequel trilogy only shows his time together Qui-Gon"s Padawan.

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Obi-Wan and also Yoda in Star battles The Phantom Menace
Obi-Wan Kenobi was Qui-Gon Jinn"s Padawan, however according to The realm Strikes Back, that was additionally trained by Yoda in ~ some allude in the Star Wars saga. Ending up being a Jedi is a rare point in Star Wars" galaxy, and also even those who room Force-sensitive have to undergo rigorous training transparent their whole childhood and also most of their young adulthood before coming to be a Jedi Knight. From there, they could go right into a variety of fields - one of which leads to them being Jedi Masters that sit top top the Jedi Council.

When audience are very first introduced to Obi-Wan - chronologically, that is - he"s Qui-Gon"s apprentice in Star Wars: illustration I - The Phantom Menace. But after his understand dies at the hand of the Sith lord Darth Maul, Obi-Wan takes that upon himself to take it Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice. Shortly thereafter, Obi-Wan is promoted to the location of Jedi Knight, after first passing the Jedi Trials, thereby finishing his training. For this reason when specifically was Obi-Wan trained by Yoda? The prize lies in Star Wars: illustration II - assault of the Clones as well as extended canon material.

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Young children lugged into the Jedi Order start as initiates, sometimes called younglings, which requires going through introductory training and foundational trials prior to being liked as a Padawan by an elder. Throughout his lengthy time in the Order, understand Yoda trained all younglings in this initial stage, his instruction gift an invariable component of their early on education. This can be seen when Obi-Wan visits among his classes in Attack of the Clones, during i m sorry he shows up to be well-liked by his young pupils. Although that is an ext collective lecturing than personal training, this is the time duration to i beg your pardon Obi-Wan is referring in The realm Strikes Back.

Yoda Trains Younglings with Lightsabers
when Jedi have the right to take more than one (non-simultaneous) Padawans in their career, and indeed Yoda had many prior to he take it on counting Dooku together his final apprentice, instructing every younglings to be a much greater responsibility than any entrusted to most Jedi, and it speak to the respect that the Jedi Order had for grasp Yoda that he would certainly be the one to carry out so consistently. Seemingly the wisdom gained from living for centuries and being one of the Order"s eldest members did not impede his ability to relate to young minds.

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As fine a series of movies covering three generations with hundreds of years of backstory, few of the lore of Star Wars gets to be a little dense. The history of Jedi apprenticeship in certain feels borderline Old Testament, through Yoda cultivate Dooku, that trained Qui-Gon, who trained Obi-Wan, that trained Anakin. Having so much beforehand influence on plenty of Jedi initiates, Yoda can certainly be discovered in plenty of such pedagogical lineages, which is possibly an even greater testimony to his power 보다 his actual abilities v the Force, having left a tradition of learning that would be essential to maintaining the means of the Jedi into the era that the brand-new Republic and also beyond.