In the earlier episodes, (seasons 1-4.5), reed was seen delivering a traditional black pistol however in some-point in the fourth season that switches to carry a revolver. After binge watching every illustration of every season i cant find a reason why that switched.

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Absolutely no idea; I'll be interested if anyone rather has any type of ideas.

My an individual semi-peeve v Reid's armament later on in the series? the wears it on his belt, periodically with his pullover or jacket traction behind the holster, i m sorry is fine; whatever, particularly when he's on a crime step or in a police station. Yet there space scenes that really bother me, wherein he's dressed mostly like a civilian would certainly be (not in a dark fit or anything), whereby he's not close to a crime scene and also is casually law an open-carry in the eastern or West coast suburbs -- no-one happen by even blinks. Ns mean, sure, if it's Texas or someplace, fine, however open-carry by a civilian in the suburbs should acquire at least an occasional double-take.

Guessing because

He does very small shooting every capita

He really can't fight the side of a barn to begin with

An old-timey, bizarrely holstered revolver is a lot an ext "Dr. Reid" 보다 the full size Glock he to be toting around for a when there.

He actually hits really well every time he requirements to, if you look at the few times the actually had to shoot at anyone. Ns think it's no an ext the 3-4 times ideal now. He's only useless at the shooting selection in that one illustration in the first (or secound?) season.

The people in the smith and Wesson forum have disputed it in length, figuring that he's an ext accurate through the revolver

I'm re-watching "Penelope" indigenous Season 3. Prentiss educates Morgan and Reid the the unsub supplied a revolver, and Morgan asks, "Who the hell offers a revolver?" LOL! (Reid replies, "Someone who doesn't want to leave shell casings behind as evidence.")

I supplied to think it had actually something v him being seen as 'Doctor Spencer Reid' instead of 'SSA/Agent Spencer Reid' due to the fact that he was also young and didn't have actually the physical endure over all the others. He likewise didn't discover to shoot properly until after ~ Emily's fake death

I remember analysis (perhaps ~ above this that because of his absence of skill in shooting he decided to have actually the revolver together it was much more comfortable, perhaps lighter, and also a bunch of other reasons which made that a little more capable.

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