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Crooks is ostracized by the various other men since of his race. He needs to live by himself in a tiny room turn off the barn. The isn"t even his room however a ar where lock store equipment for the horses. That smells poor because that the manure inside and also outside. Although...

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Crooks is ostracized through the various other men because of his race. He needs to live by himself in a small room turn off the barn. That isn"t even his room but a ar where they store equipment for the horses. That smells negative because the the manure inside and outside. Although that is in consistent pain native his hurt back, he has to sleep in a lengthy box filled through straw. Crooks is bile resentful, yet he pretends to it is in indifferent. That is a proud man. Because nobody involves visit that anyway, that pretends that he doesn"t want any type of visitors. Lennie doesn"t understand prejudice and discrimination. He is just looking for firm when the intrudes ~ above Crooks, who tells him:

"You ain"t walk no best to come in my room. This here"s my room. Nobody got any right in here but me."

Crooks is rude and also even devilish to Lennie because Crooks requirements to take his anger and hurt feelings the end on someone, and poor Lennie has been the target of lot abuse end the years since of his mental impairment. Even George topics Lennie to linguistic abuse from time to time, together he did in ~ the riverside campsite in the opened chapter. However Crooks go too far when he starts saying that George may have actually abandoned Lennie as soon as he entered Soledad and might have actually no on purpose of comes back. Lennie walk not know that Crooks is only speaking hypothetically, and Crooks needs to backtrack since Lennie is ending up being dangerously suspicious and potentially violent. 

Crooks observed the peril as that approached him. The edged earlier on his bunk to obtain out that the way. "I was simply supposin"," that said. "George ain"t hurt. He"s every right. He"ll be ago all right."

This is only among the many problems that loan drama to every chapter in Of Mice and also Men. The chapter in i m sorry Crooks is rude to Lennie also contains disputes with other characters--Candy, Curley"s wife, and also finally George-- who intrude due to the fact that Lennie appears to have opened up Crooks" room come visitors. Crooks is relieved to eliminate them all and go back to his peaceful, solitary existence.