English 12-3 Mrs. Cheryl Simmons 29 September 2008 Was beo wolf a flat or round Character? beowulf is a hero listed for his acts of courage and the the aristocracy with which he performed this acts. Beo wolf embodied the ideals of conduct that were many valued in this setting. Beo wolf is explained as the perfect hero, almost too perfect. Over there lies the problem of Beowulf’s character, it is flat. Beowulf fights for his people and fights evil v super-human abilities come bring about peace and also justice.

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Three traits of beowulf supports his gift the ultimate super hero, these space his amazing physical strength, his ability to put people’s welfare prior to his own, and also that the does not fear death. In all of Beowulf’s character over there is never ever a seemingly item of negativity to enable a deeper character involvement, beowulf is the perpetual “good guy. ” Beowulf’s character never ever changes. Beowulf is a hero in the eyes of his men and people v his exceptional physical strength. Beowulf combated in plenty of battles and always returned victorious native all but his last battle.

Beowulf is solid enough to death the monster Grendel with his bare hands through ripping off his arm. Once Beowulf is fighting Grendel’s mother, who is wanting revenge for she son’s death, beowulf is able to kill her by slashing she neck through a giant’s knife that have the right to only be lifted by a human being as strong as Beowulf. Once Beowulf chops off she head, that carries the from the s with ease, yet it takes 4 men come lift the head and carry it ago to Herot mead-hall. This physical stamin is a an essential trait come Beowulf’s heroism, but also depicts his character as flat, everything is predictable.

The second heroic characteristics of beo wolf is his ability to put his peoples welfare prior to his own. Beowulf is sent out as an emissary to assist rid the dance of the angry Grendel. Beowulf risks his very own life for the Danes, asking for aid from no one. Beowulf realizes the dangers yet fears because that nothing that his own life. Beowulf remains the exact same throughout this course, a straightforward flat character. This trait is ongoing even after ~ Beowulf has actually served his world as king of the Geats for fifty years, the goes to fight one last time to fight a dreadful dragon that is frightening all of his people.

Beowulf is old and also tired however he loss the dragon in order to protect his people. Also in his death, beowulf wished to secure security for the Geats. Beowulf’s death wish was that a high lighthouse be built in order to aid the world their way back from the sea. The 3rd and last trait of beowulf which proves his flatness of personality is the he is no afraid to die. Beowulf always explains his death wishes before going into battle and always requests come have any kind of of his assets yielded to his people. And also if death does take it me, send the hammered mail of my armor come Higlac, return the inheritance I had from Hrehtel, and from the Wayland, Fate will unwind together it must! (18). ” beowulf is predictable, he is aware that he will be glorified in life or fatality for his actions. Beo wolf knows that as soon as he fights an foe like Grendel or Grendel’s mother he will accomplish immortality as the victor or loser. “When we crossed the sea, my comrades and also I, I already knew the all my function was this: to success the will of your people or die in battle, pressed in Grendel’s firm grip.

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Let me live in greatness and also courage, or right here in this hall welcome mine death! (22). ” beowulf understands that fate will occupational its magic no matter what and he might be eliminated at any point in his life Beowulf encounters that fact by mirroring no fear and preparing because that a confident or deadly outcome. Beowulf has become a predictable character, flat, his only substance is his 3 traits. Beowulf is the necessary all time super hero. He is predictable, there is no suspense in what his character will do. Beo wolf is always Beowulf. The suspense and drama is in the other characters. Beowulf although the main character, is flat and so an extremely predictable.