Nitrogen is a gas in ~ room temperature and also is the many abundant element in earth atmosphere

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Titan and its nitrogen-rich atmosphere. (Credit: NASA / JPL)

Nitrogen is the seventh many abundant element in the universe and is a significant constituent the the setting on Titan, the biggest of Saturn’s 62 moons. (Anomalies in the ingredient of Titan’s environment have led some to suggest that Titan could even harbour life forms).

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Nitrogen gas glows purple once exposed to electric radiation. (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

But below on Earth, nitrogen is a fairly inert gas in ~ room temperature and is the most abundant element in Earth’s atmosphere (78%). Nitrogen glows a beloved violet colour as soon as exposed to electrical radiation, a characteristics that renders nitrogen lasers quickly identifiable from their purple glow. The chemistry bond between two atom of nitrogen is the strongest bond known in between two atom of the same element. This renders N2 a really stable and also inert gas. Ammonia, NH3 (which is toxic), is the most important base material for the nitrogen chemistry and also is among the most developed chemicals in the world. Native this, for instance fertilisers and also explosives space made.

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Like carbon (featured last week), nitrogen is an additional element that is one indispensable component of all living things, because it is part of amino acids, the building blocks the proteins.

I couldn’t discover a cartoon around nitrogen to entertain you children at the back of the classroom, who room too cool to admit that finding out is fun, yet this video is quiet fun:

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