In one episode, when young Naruto and Sasuke were to fight each other in a duel guided by Iruka Sensei, Sasuke was able to create his shadow clone easily. Also, according to How Itachi was able to use Shadow clone?, Shadow clone Jutsu is not imposed by any bloodline limits.

So why does Sasuke did not use this useful technique in any of his fights? And why neither of Naruto"s friends from Team 11 seems to interest in learning this jutsu?

Naruto has showcased in his most fights that Shadow clone jutsu can be very useful. Sure many Ninja must have felt intrigued to learn it?



Can Sasuke use the Shadow Clone Justu? Sure he can! However, he chooses not to because he does not want to associate himself with using Naruto"s signature justu, which he sees as Naruto"s weakness and coping method to his loneliness.

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Shadow Clone Technique


Due to Naruto"s extensive usage of this technique, Sasuke sees it as a symbolic way for Naruto to avoid loneliness

This is referencing the manga, Chapter 696


In addition, there is a scene in the (which I can"t vouch for being in the manga or not) during Sasuke"s training where Orochimaru has him slay 1,000 un-named ninjas. Sasuke sees himself strong enough to not even need the help of Shadow Clones



I think it is due to the part of shadow clone training that kinda gets forgotten with the knowledge transfer. I"m talking about how not only do you get the knowledge of the clone when it disperses, but you also get the clones fatigue. Sure you can make 9 clones and train for 1 hour then disperse them and get the knowledge benefit of training for 10 hours, but you also get the sudden fatigue of doing 10 hours worth of work in under 1 hour.

Naruto has extremely fast healing and a lot of stamina/chakra due to Kurama and his own natural ability (son of Minato and reincarnation of Ashura), but even he passed out from having too many clones just cutting 1 leaf in their hand then disperse (Shippuden ep. 73).

Due to the fatigue transfer, I think Sasuke may have been worried that it would affect the lifespan of his eyes before he got the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Afterward, I think he just felt he didn"t need the technique, plus he associated it with Naruto and his fear of loneliness.

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With Kakashi, he just uses so many chakra techniques and would copy techniques on the fly, so it was almost always a better move to keep his chakra pool as large as possible to be able to use whatever technique he would need, and he doesn"t have the chakra or stamina of either adult Sasuke or Naruto.