I"ve i found it that most Kingdom Halls--the meeting ar for Jehovah"s Witnesses--have no windows in the building. What is the reason for this? Is there a Biblical basis for it or does that come indigenous a details church teaching? If so, I would be interested in a citation of the main church place on this.

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I've attended meetings because that years in Gardnerville Nevada ,very beautiful in the Carson Valley, you deserve to see the Sierra Nevada mountains splendidly through the home windows along the walls and it's among the many beautiful areas to attend any kind of biblical discussions and also learn God's will being achieved in the earth..
It is not constantly the instance with every Kingdom Halls. In truth there are plenty of with windows. Around as many as factors for having actually no windows. A few common answer are uncovered below:

For security reasons. Generally they do not have a parish residence surrounding to keep a clock on their belongings. This is a bigger difficulty in larger cities.

Cost benefits. Windows are more expensive and also time consuming to install. To add they are not really well insulated elevating heating and cooling costs.

Volunteer labor. Kingdom Halls are built by volunteer Jehovah"s Witnesses within a 3 day time-span: Friday thru Sunday. As pointed out above, windows are time spend to install, and also with a 3 work limit....

So, many world would price "To save money", i m sorry is kind of a reason behind every the answers.

Edit:Thought ns might as well just put in an image of a Kingdom Hall v windows (taken indigenous this Wikipedia page):


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I"ve remained in many countless Kingdom Halls in mine time. Numerous in Ireland, a fair couple of in the UK, and also some in France, one in Switzerland, one in Athens. Also a few in the USA, though i was 12 at the time and can"t recall that holiday clearly. Come the finest of my recollection, every solitary one the them had actually windows.

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