The distinction in the acidic personality of phenols and alcohol is as result of the distinction in reactivity of this compounds in the direction of the ionization the the O–H bond. This can be described as follows:

i. Ionization of alcohols is stood for by the complying with equilibrium

The electron-donating inductive result (+I effect) the the alkyl group destabilizes the alkoxide ion (the conjugate base of alcohol). Together a result, alcohol does no ionize much in the water, and behaves favor a neutral link in one aqueous medium.

ii. Ionization that phenol is stood for by the adhering to equilibrium



Phenoxide ion, the conjugate basic of phenol, is resonance stabilized by delocalization that the an unfavorable charge. Therefore, phenol ionizes in an aqueous medium to a middle extent and also thereby shows a weak acidic character.

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Concept: Alcohols and Phenols
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Chapter 11: Alcohols, Phenols and also Ethers - practice
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Chapter 11 Alcohols, Phenols and EthersExercise | Q 3.1 | web page 253
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