Need a monologue?

These, one come one and a fifty percent minute, monologues are perfect because that auditioning for among our school Muiscal Productions. Remember in ~ Dandylyon Drama, we understand it takes guts to audition, so we offer you a duty just for showing up. We’ll teach you just how to audition while we audition. Just do her best! we take proud in working hard to actors you right into just the right function that will construct on your strengths and stretch you as an actor!

Top Ten Tips for a great Audition

10. Pick WISELY! choose a monologue that you like, and also memorize it!

9. NO ingredient NEEDED! Don’t use a chair or prop, simply use her imagination.

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8. DON’T STRESS! The directors execute not have actually your monologue memorized, so we won’t even notification if you chaos up a word or two, so try to store going.

7. ENERGY! first impressions count. Display us your finest self, so wake up!

6. EMOTION! Plays and also Musicals record the most dramatic moment of a story, for this reason we want to view some emotion!

5. ENNUNCIATION! This ain’t no fashion show, we want to recognize the indigenous please.

4. EXPRESSION! You’ve got a challenge so use it come tell the story.

3. BREATHE! You require oxygen to endure your audition.

2. Stand TALL! This help you look and feel confident and also forget your nerves.

1. SMILE! Directors desire to job-related with funny people!

Pick a monologue that’s funny for you come perform! It’s ideal if the monologue is not the exact character in the beat you want to play.

Some argued 1 Minute Monologues

Wicked Queen

I to be so sick of being called the angry queen! ns am no wicked- i’m obsessive. There’s a huge difference. Every I ever wanted to be to it is in the fairest in the land. Probably attempted homicide was a bit extreme, however that doesn’t do me evil. Perform you have any kind of idea what it’s prefer to constantly be approximately someone you recognize looks far better than you? It’s terrible! Besides, ns was act a donate for every one of humankind. That girl is simply too happy because that her very own good! all I’m saying is the it wasn’t completely my fault, yet I’m still destined come go under in fairy tale background as “the evil Queen.”

Misunderstood Stepmother

Snow white? I’ll tell you around Snow White! you think she looks choose that naturally? (she spends hrs on her do up.) and also who execute you think cleans all that up? the wasn’t eye white, I’ll tell friend that. I never made she do any type of chores. She’s similar to my friend stepdaughter, in former of guest she refuses come let anyone else lift a finger and also then turns it around and also makes us look bad. I’m informing you, the Cinderella girl should get along with snow white. Allow them fight that out as to who it s okay to carry out the work. It’s choose some type of . . . Complicated or something.

Where’s my Happily ever After?

You’re right, you’re absolutely right. I don’t belong here. But do any type of of us? Wait, wait, wait! we are much more alike 보다 you think! Queen Narcissa- the 7 dwarfs saved Snow White and also then what happened? it left girlfriend the Unfairest of lock all! currently you’re hustling swimming pool to acquire your following meal. Just how does the feel? You, frumpy pigskin, ideal Rumpelstiltskin…my bad. Where’s that first born you were promised, eh? Hook! require I say more? Anastasia, remember once you couldn’t gain your fat foot in that glass slipper? Cinderella is out there ideal now, eat bon bons and schmoozing through every critical fairy tale creature the has ever before done you wrong! There room two political parties to every story. And our side has actually not to be told. So, who wants to come the end on optimal for once? Who desires their happily ever after?

Cinderella’s Dream

I had the strangest dream, my fairy godmother sprinkled happy dust over Anastasia and Drizella, and they to be so nice come me! I understand that was only a dream, but it was so nice, that i think I’ll shot to pretend that it yes, really happened. Whenever lock are average to me, I’ll pretend they actually stated something sweet and also kind. “Sure, I’ll to wash you dresses, Drizella… I would love come polish your shoes, Anastasia. Right away too ~ sisters, thank you!”(giggles) walk you check out their faces! They must to think I’ve gone mad. Did girlfriend see exactly how they hurried to their rooms and slammed the doors? They might not in reality be caring or great nature, but they’ll it is in too scared to come out of your rooms because that at the very least a couple of hours. So … Who’s up because that a game of hide-and-seek if we’ve obtained the operation of the house?

Turkey Emergency

The nature of mine emergency? Uhhh, I’m trying to reach nine eleven yet my call doesn’t have an 11 on it. Ohhhh, this is nine-eleven, I believed you said this was 9-1-1. What! 9-1-1 and nine eleven room the very same thing? They speak you find out something brand-new everyday. O.k. Calm down, my mom wanted me come ask if you men know how to cook a turkey- yes chef a turkey. The emergency is the we are hungry. Listen, if my mommy cooks this turkey, we’ll it is in calling you anyway since we’ll every be sick. Ns know, i know, you have actually other calls come take, oh, by the way, earlier we heard what sounded favor gunshots coming from the brown residence on the corner. No, i don’t have actually an address, ns wearing black capris and a top. Oh, the gunshot thing, minor details. Gotta go. Have to convince my mother to invest thanksgiving at Aunt Marcia’s house. This is the actual life or death instance here!

Frog Prince

Hello. My name is prince Frederick and also I am a . . . A fly addict. It’s every my father’s

Fault. No, really. I’m not just trying come blame who else. You see, when he comprised the perform for mine christening that made a slim error. He left my godmother turn off the list and she gained a tiny . . . Upset. She sort of flew turn off the handle and also turned me into a frog. She has because sought treatment to try and find far better ways of managing her stress. Anyway, I had actually to acquire a beautiful princess to kiss me so the I might turn back to normal. You deserve to imagine the line of them simply waiting to do so. It take it me twenty years, but I finally found one ready to kiss my slimy frog lips. ~ my transformation we to be married and an alleged to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, she damaged up with me due to the fact that of mine addiction. Well, that and also the lily pads in the bathtub drain.

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Prince’s Complaint

Aren’t there any kind of normal princesses the end there?? I’d favor to meet a princess who actually likes me- for me- not just since i came valiantly to she rescue. A princess that reads through the hour since she likes books! Not due to the fact that she’s to be locked in a tower for years. That would be refreshing! A princess who hide she beautiful face in ashes and also pretend to it is in a maid till i litter a ball, and also then all of sudden there she appears- just to disappear again. I median some guys think that’s interesting- however I’d like to actually end up our dance and say an excellent night? and then really! friend think the best means to fulfill me is to eat a toxicity apple and get your seven finest friends placed you in a glass coffin! A simple, “Hi, my surname is eye White.” would work just fine because that me! really! (Prince hears something) five no! Gotta run. An additional princess in trouble!


Ahhh, ns love this crummy weather! Oh, yes, isn’t just heaven when it’s all gloomy and dreary choose this. Yep, this weather is my cup that mud. I’m glad that someone agrees v me! oh you nothing huh!? for this reason you’re v them! So girlfriend think it must all it is in sunshine and roses, huh? Yuck! simply go through the flow? No street! It warms my heart to feel the frost! Spring and also warmer days? Forget that feather face! currently I’ve done it! i’ve made friend mad! yes nothing better than one angry confront in a beautifully dreary place! Guess you think I need to leave, huh? five yeah, YOU have to scram! (waits for human being to leave) well if you’re no leaving, i am! have actually a perfectly rotten day!


(to self) i c-c-can carry out this! i just need to practice! (as if to a mirror) hi! i’m T -T-T-Tim! quite to satisfy you. It may seem to you that ns don’t treatment when you to speak hi and also I don’t answer. Or ns hide behind the nearest tree or desk. You could think that i don’t have a lot come say once I gain stuck ~ above a letter or a w-w-w-word. Yet I do! I have actually lots come say and also I execute care. It’s just sometimes the native don’t want to come out, or I’m worried you’ll think ns weird or something.  (looks up to audience) H-h-h-have you to be standing over there the totality time??? (smiles big) ns did it! i talked in prior of people!!

Respect for the King

You speak the king should have the highest respect in his kingdom? ns agree. Ns am the king, and also i shall have your respect! A king head should be the highest in his kingdom- therefore sit under already! i can’t was standing forever. (sits) ahh, that’s better. Now I will tell friend why I desire to it is in respected. Not since I was born with royal blood, or that I own the many land, or have the many political power-no! Justice! over all justice! This king will certainly be respected since his human being know the their king will save them safe, and bring justice come those steal native the weak! Justice for my people.