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Keloid Scars

You’ll understand if you have actually a keloid scar and also not a hypertrophic one since of that is size and color: keloid scars are big and darker than flesh tone. They show up reddish-brown in color, and also are much more bulbous than hypertrophic scars, regularly the form of a finish sphere. Similar to hypertrophic scars, keloids come native collagen overproduction throughout the healing process and usually occur throughout that time. However, uneven hypertrophic scars, keloid scars must be treated, and quickly.

What to perform

See a professional. If you don’t, the difficulty could continue to worsen. A dermatologist will have the ability to offer treatments, such as laser therapy, a steroid injection, freezing the keloid, or even surgery in more extreme cases. Keloid scars space rare, and they room genetic. People who space prone come them need to consider staying clear of piercings, period.

Atrophic Scars

These scars room what occur after you’ve taken out, likewise known together retired, a face piercing. They’re like what I defined for my labret: a little puncture wound or pock mark in the skin. They may become an ext shallow end time, but they don’t tend to disappear completely. That’s since you readjusted the framework of your confront by sticking a hole in it, which climate healed choose that, making her body unable to regenerate tissue in the spot. The exact same collagen overproduction that reasons hypertrophic and also keloid scars is responsible for atrophic scarring. Atrophic scars space worse in piercings the were rejected by the human body or that migrated in place. They’re tiny enough the they deserve to be mistaken for other usual facial scars, such as those from acne or chicken pox.

What to execute

To start, it can be advantageous to usage silicone and/or jojoba oil to minimize the atrophic scar’s appearance. As soon as you’ve done the for several months, you deserve to use techniques one can use for improving facial structure overall. Below are a couple of ideas.

chemical Peels and Microneedling

Chemical peels space designed to eliminate damaged skin from her face. There isn’t any kind of research done on how well they might work to minimization facial piercing scars, but they are proven to minimize acne scars. Also under this general category of facial rejuvenation is microneedling, i m sorry one research notes "involves puncturing the skin multiple times making use of a dermaroller, and is offered to treat several skin conditions, such together pigmentary disorders, wrinkles, post-acne atrophic scars, and also burn scars.”

Fillers and also Minor Surgeries

It makes sense that fillers could aid with one atrophic scar since it’s a dimple or dent in the skin, and also fillers duty to, well, fill in areas of the face. Dr. Jason Emer, MD says a filler such as Bellafill. He additionally suggests a hold of products to pre-treat the area with, such as retinol and vitamin C, and also excision and subcision procedures, i m sorry are more serious approaches that involve anesthetizing skin and using tools to relocate and/or remove tissue.

Collagen skin care

Despite atrophic scars being at first caused by one overproduction the collagen, collagen can be useful for retired face piercing scars since there is much less collagen production currently in the spot whereby the scar lives. You deserve to use internal or outside products, and also choose from pet or plant-based collagens. While i haven’t noticed any kind of reduction in the depth of my labret scar in the months i have been using Algenist products, I have actually noticed that it’s tinier in diameter than it to be previously. This might be the yes, really scar diminishing in size, or my skin at large being plumper, thus making the scar less visible.


Regular structure won’t perform too lot to minimize a piercing scar’s appearance, yet there space cosmetic commodities created specifically to help. Dermoflage calls itself a“topical filler” and says that it “is medical grade silicone the starts in a honey-like consistency and also dries come a film that perfectly mimics skin in under 3 minutes.” The before and also after images are nice convincing.

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While face piercing scars deserve to take some time and effort to minimize, no issue the cause of her piercing scar, friend don’t have to live with it forever if girlfriend don’t desire to.