One issue for many people taking is the is stated to offer a false-positive an outcome on one employment medicine test. In an answer to the many questions we’re asked about and also drug tests, here we explain an ext about the drug screening process, why can offer a confident result, and how to prevent this causing troubles with her employer.

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What go The drug Test watch For?

Drug trial and error is an activity that an employer or prospective employer have the right to take to recognize if employees or task applicants room using drugs. Fairly than acting together a test of disability or whether recent habits is as the result of medicine use, employment drug tests are imposed to create a for sure working atmosphere for all employees. Workplace drug testing aims to deter employee or potential employees from taking drugs, to have the ability to identify and help employees with drug and/or alcohol problems, to protect the general public, and to comply through employment laws and regulations. The many common an approach of drug test is urinalysis, and will most frequently test for five categories that illegal substances. Known as a 5 panel medicine screening, this test looks for evidence of THC, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and also Amphetamines.

In the occasion of a positive result in both the initial and also confirmation tests, the clinical review officer (MRO) climate reviews the results and contacts the separation, personal, instance to make certain that there space no medical or other reasons because that the result. It is only at this allude that the MRO may report the outcomes to the employer. Specific medications can cause a false-positive result on the medicine test. If this is the case and also the employee can verify the he or she has actually been prescribed the medication and also is acquisition it together instructed climate the test is reported as negative.

Keep reading, or inspect out the infographic below, to learn more about arriving on this exams.


If you have been taking much more than the recommended dosage then excess levels of could raise concerns for the MRO reviewing the optimistic result. Although is not an illegal drug, the is managed substance, provided on web page 12 of the medicine Enforcement Agency’s January 2016 list of regulated Substances, and can only be legally derived by prescription. If friend cannot carry out a prescription to describe the existence of in your system adhering to a medicine test climate this would be thought about illegal usage and the MRO may urge that the positive an outcome stands.

If you know that your employer might request a medicine test during the term of your prescription climate in some situations it might be better to notify your direct supervisor the you space taking and to provide proof of your prescription before a drug test. This will stop you having to retrospectively disclose that you room taking and the possibility of a false-positive analysis being asserted to her employer.

How lengthy Does continue to be In mine System?

Due come confusion in between and also the now banned weight-loss medicine Fen-Phen, as well as a basic misunderstanding the what does, numerous users choose to store a secret. Therefore, that is no surprising that some people may like not come disclose that they room taking to your employer. To protect against the opportunity of a false-positive result, if girlfriend are mindful that friend will have a medicine test quickly then you may prefer to avoid taking because that a few days. We are frequently asked how many days stays in your system, and although this varies relying on the person and also their urinary pH, the medication has a half-life of around 16-31 hrs under normal conditions. So, have to not it is in detectable in the urine ~ a period of roughly four or 7 days. It may, however, it is in detectable for longer if you to be taking an ext than prescribed or offered because that a lengthy time.

If you’re concerned about a false-positive result on a drug test due to then another option is to take a alternate such together Phen Caps instead of Phen Caps will certainly not present up on a drug test together they do not save on computer ingredients similar to amphetamine, so you can advantage from the appetite-suppressing effects and energy an increase without the worry of failing an employment medicine test.

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Have you obtained a false-positive result on a drug test as a result of acquisition permit us recognize your experience by commenting below.