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Merry Christmas! It’s the perfect time that year come gather with family, and also if you’d choose to share gold Corral through them, many restaurants are open up on Christmas Eve and also some are open on Christmas Day.

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Like plenty of restaurants across the country, gold Corral restaurants have actually been affected by the coronavirus. Some golden Corral restaurants continue to be closed because of regional mitigation efforts. Therefore be certain to examine your neighborhood store to check the hours.

Here’s what you must know:

Most golden Corral Restaurants Are open on Christmas night & some Are open up on Christmas day 2020

Restaurant operation hours, dining room seating, menu offerings and also service style may in the interim vary. Please call your neighborhood restaurant because that the most current information.

— golden Corral (
goldencorral) march 16, 2020

Most gold Corral restaurants are open up on Christmas Eve. Part are even open ~ above Christmas Day, according to a statement provided to Gold Corral restaurants space individually owned and operated, so franchise owners have some discretion around when lock would like to open.

Through the finish of the year, gold Corral will be selling holiday-style meals. Be sure to contact your neighborhood restaurant come verify your hours prior to venturing out.

“All of our restaurants that have reopened throughout the country will be open up on the 24th,” a spokesperson said “Some restaurants will certainly be open up on Christmas, yet that is at the discretion that the regional franchisee for this reason it will certainly vary. The is ideal for guest to inspect with their local gold Corral restaurant. Restaurants will be offer a home-style holiday meal with every one of the fixings with the end of the year!”

The restaurants have also put added safety measures in place as result of the coronavirus, follow to a press release.

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“The health, safety and well-being of our co-workers, guests and also communities are always our peak priority and also we are deeply committed to delivering on that promise,” said golden Corral CEO Lance Trenary in a statement. “Our brand specializes in serving our neighborhood communities across the country. Us implemented additional preventive procedures to deal with coronavirus concerns and to keep a clean and safe environment for our co-workers and our guests.”

Golden Corral Is additionally Serving Ready-to-Heat holiday Meals to offer at Home

Think friend can"t order to go from a buffet? Think again. #GCToGo

— golden Corral (
goldencorral) march 18, 2020

Golden Corral is also providing choices to do the holidays easier. They are offering meals to heat at home, i beg your pardon serve 6 to eight people. They are customizable, and guests can choose in between turkey, ham or chicken. Sides incorporate mashed potatoes and also other next options. Desserts are also included.

“We are likewise offering ready-to-heat holiday Meals To go serving 6-8 people,” a statement provided to said. “Guests can select Roasted Turkey, vacation Spiced Ham or Fried Chicken (12 or 24 Pieces). Every meal includes mashed potatoes + gravy, an option of home-style sides, whole pumpkin or pecan pie, and our well known yeast rolls with honey butter. Additional holiday favorite are accessible a la carte. Prices and also item ease of access may differ by location. The online pre-order deadline has actually passed for pick-ups top top Christmas Eve, however we encourage customers to speak to their local golden Corral to inspect last minute availability.”

Guests who room interested in the enjoy the meal can call their nearest location, which can be discovered here.

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