Everyone who\"s ever before tried to have actually a effective career in film knows that it involves a most hustle, determination and also most important a back-up plan

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The film market is tough. Everyone who has ever before tried to have actually a effective career in film knows the it involves a the majority of self-hustle, determination, confidence and also most important a backup plan. Getting a movie made can require you to need to jump v hoops, damage your values and in some cases, leaving behind everything you know. This next of the market does no disappear together your star rises. Some of the biggest directors in the people will tell friend that also now on your 50th movie they space still having to answer come the higher-ups. The worst thing about making a franchise film is assuming the it will guarantee you work for at the very least three films. Many world fail to realize that only the very first film is a guaranteed job and also not every franchise will certainly be choose Harry Potter. There room several movies over the previous years the haven\"t impressed the masses. Struggling to execute well at package office or negative casting space all exacerbating factors. Due to the fact that of their misfortune, castle have ended up on our list. Right here are a few franchises that just didn\"t cut it.

15 Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles that Narnia series abruptly quit after component 3 The trip Of The Dawn Treader in 2010. This come as a shock to most people due to the fact that up till that point the films were do a decent amount that money. They had the strength of Disney behind them and they were marketed towards kids which commonly helps the success of a the majority of adventure/fantasy films. However, after ~ the media contract v Disney expired, the staying films eventually got shelved. Over there are now talks to reboot the collection not starting from the start but choose up where the last movies left off. TriStar pictures have actually the rights however the large question remains, is anyone still interested?

14 The wizard Apprentice

Oh, yet one more Disney manufacturing that has actually taken a left turn. The sorcerer’s Apprentice didn’t lack the numbers it needed to proceed with the 2nd film. That grossed over $2 million and also only took $1.5 million come make. So, one needs to wonder what the real problem is? Or at the very least, i beg your pardon celebrity had an over-inflated ego and didn’t want to authorize on to the 2nd film? probably the manuscript bad, or perhaps the second film was going to price too lot money to make. There could have been several issues going on with the execs. However, the rumor that has actually been spreading for the last few years is that part 2 is still on its method even despite there has actually been no monitor through. Based on the article credit scene us were left through it looks prefer there was a setup for a sequel so, maybe they haven’t provided up entirely.

13 Lemony Snicket: A series Of unfortunately Events

prior to Lemony Snicket: A series Of unfortunate Events was a binge-able Netflix series it was a poorly thought out film the starred Jim Carey as the devastating Count Olaf. The movie did less than good and package office numbers sealed the fate the a future sequel. Return it to be the highest grossing film for Nickelodeon for number of years it just wasn\"t sufficient to move more with the Baudelaire\"s story. The was later on revealed that Jim Carey never committed to a sequel and unfortunately by the time they realized that a 2nd film would certainly be a an excellent idea all the child actors had grown up. This could have been the finest option because that the franchise seeing together the Netflix present is such a hit and is doing far far better than any type of sequel more than likely would have. It\"s rare the a book collection gets a 2nd chance in ~ fame.

12 The Spiderwick Chronicles

The absence of a sequel for The Spiderwick Chronicles has a tricky factor behind that mainly due to the fact that the very first film basically crammed a tiny bit of everything from every 5 books into one film. There to be no more material for a sequel. So lot was going on in the first film and because that the amount of information the viewer needed to fully understand the story, it endured tremendously. Like numerous of the films on this perform the numbers were no the best and played a far-reaching role in why no part two was made. Truthfully, director mark Waters might have had actually a good idea. Since he wasn’t certain what his possibilities were about a sequel therefore he tried to carry out the viewers through a complete film and also a complete ending. Too bad it kind of backfired.

11 The Mortal Instruments

author Cassandra Clare’s book The Mortal Instruments was a fight bestseller so, naturally, the next step would be to do a killer film, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, make $90 million global is a bad break because that a film of this caliber. Also though it to be marketed in accordance with movies like Twilight and also The Hunger Games, it to be still underperforming. Jamie Campbell Bower who played Jace Wayland in the film evidenced that they were greenlit for part two of the film but admits that there were several things that got in the means (besides package office numbers). Placement and also timing were two of the reasons. However, again Netflix has swooped in and also saved the job by continuing the story of Jace and Clary Fray in the type of a Netflix exclusive series.

10 Beautiful Creatures

based upon a best-selling novel Beautiful Creatures was an alleged to it is in the next large franchise film. It had all the makings; a helpless girl who happens to be a witch (they contact them casters), the sweet boy who is supposed to conserve her, the facility founding family and also of food conflict, conflict, conflict. The relax of the film to be crushed under the weight of gift released ~ above the same weekend as Safe Haven (the can\"t miss out on love story by Nicholas Sparks). In addition to its unfortunately release day the film also only grossed a mere $7.5 million during its opening weekend compared to Twilight\"s $7 million opening night. This may be among those times once you have the right to blame the fans because that their lack of passionate or at the really least feeling sorry for them. Apparently, a chunk that the storyline went lacking when their beloved book was turned right into a not-so-hit \"hit\" film.

9 wonderful Four

it is rare as soon as a superhero film stops working to meet its crate office requirements so that course, it come as a shock to plenty of when Fantastic Four flopped huge time. One of the factors that is gift thrown approximately for why the film failed is the an easy fact the no one consulted Stan Lee. He is the big mind behind almost every comic out there and no one thought it was a an excellent idea to consult him around the story before going ahead through the film. The lapse in judgment might have been why the idea the a sequel to be shut down practically as quickly as the film hit the theaters. It was likewise plagued through negativity throughout production and also post-production. That course, there is quiet hope the a 2nd film will certainly hit theaters but since we have actually not heard any kind of hype roughly the sequel the is claimed to hit theaters by July 2017 it might be safe to say we won’t be see what i do not care of the foursome.

8 The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo collection took the people by storm in book type then again in film type in Sweden therefore of course, there had actually to it is in an American remake. It started off top top the ideal foot it had actually Daniel Craig and also Rooney Mara together the stars and it was able to rely on the success of the books and the earlier films. That being said, it was a complete shock when the film was released, did only moderately well and also then dropped off the radar. There to be no follow-up films made and also Rooney Mara’s job took turn off so she lacked the time necessary to make another film. This is a very different suffer from the original version that the films and quite surprising as soon as you watch at every the attention that surrounding the films and also the book.

7 Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

This film was simply one of twelve in the collection to be adjusted into a movie. Truthfully Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant probably should have actually been a 12-part minimal series. There were numerous things the went wrong and one the them can have been that human being were puzzled by what the film\"s actual name was. A the majority of the time as soon as the film to be being supported the full title was never used it to be either Cirque Du Freak or The Vampire’s Assistant. You deserve to see exactly how one would certainly be confused about which movie they were seeing. This film was expected to sheathe the first three books in a 2-hour span this to be problematic indigenous the start cramming 3 stories the are anywhere 200 pages into one film; that\"s a recipe because that disaster. It shows up this film to be doomed from the start.

6 Percy Jackson & The Olympian

A film around a young boy that finds the end he is a demi-god does not necessarily shout success yet visually it would be remarkable to watch. Unfortunately, no many human being were willing to invest $12.00 ~ above a movie ticket to take in the stunning visuals. Percy Jackson & The Olympians failed to garner success. In enhancement to no making sufficient money, the promo of the film lacked tremendously. The very first two films were exit with little to no success and also a 3rd script is written and ready come go. However, since the last film to be made numerous years earlier and every the gibbs cannot pass as adolescents anymore the chances of the following three movies being made is slim. A reboot may be the ideal option yet even then, Greek gods and goddesses room an gained taste.

5 Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy to be hoping come capitalize top top the vampire craze but unfortunately, they dropped flat. Based on the books by Richelle Mead, over there should have been 6 movies or at the very least 4 movies (lumping a couple of of the books together) yet it didn’t work-related out that way. The film just didn’t make sufficient money. Call it a lack the promotion, speak to it bad casting, depending on who friend ask everyone has a various reason why this vampire thrust story line to be a flop. The fans felt therefore strongly about continuing the franchise that they even added to one Indiegogo project to acquire the second film, Frostbite made. Regrettably, lock were only able to increase 17% that the earnings. This is typical for films based upon book collection the pan come the end of nowhere to complain once they room denied a sequel but where to be they as soon as the film remained in theaters?

4 Inkheart

Inkheart was an alleged to it is in a children’s secret trilogy that complied with a girl who deserve to read a book and bring personalities from that publication to life. A gift she inherited from she father. The story is complete of fantasy and also imagination the sounds favor the making of a hit children’s film, right? Well, the failed. The movie wasn\"t able to choose up sufficient attention and also it to be quickly made decision that they would certainly not proceed with the 2nd and 3rd book. This story had actually a most potential if just it was provided a far better opportunity. The cinematography was beautiful and also the 2nd and third scripts are currently written so that knows probably it will ultimately be viewed on the huge screen. Together for now, the books are a great read for any kid.

3 ns Am Number Four

I to be Number Four is part of the Lorien series by Pittacus Lore. There room six books but only one make it to the huge screen. The story focuses on a boy and also his guardian from another planet hiding native an alien gyeongju hoping to take benefit of his powers. The movie wasn\"t maybe to get adequate attention and ended up being a huge mess. The script while summed up fine left the end a couple of key points making those that did watch it want to understand what would occur next. Granted, castle can always read the books but once you begin a movie franchise you are committing to see it through an excellent or bad. The key reason that the franchise didn’t proceed was since of bad box office numbers but come on, there are worse films out there the were may be to complete their story.

2 Divergent

Divergent had a good head start. The film made a lot of money for Lionsgate yet by the moment the 3rd film Allegiant was released, the numbers had actually dropped significantly, however, that still managed to do in the millions. So, what went wrong? Lionsgate was just not impressed that among their topped billed films made in the low millions they decided to basically provide up ~ above the final film. Instead of a big production prefer the critical 3 films the last film, Ascendant will certainly be a TV movie and to do matters worse the two high-profile stars Shailene Woodley and Miles novelist dropped the end of the film when they heard the news. Is there even any suggest in moving on with the film now? possibilities are without the key actress the movie will never see the irradiate of day.

1 odd Thomas

Odd Thomas is number one because that a few reasons. It to be sorely under promoted, it had actually a an excellent storyline and also ultimately deserved far better treatment 보다 it received. The film is based upon a set of 6 books and also one novella by Dean Koontz about a male who can see and talk come dead people. We likewise get a unique glimpse right into Odd’s upbringing. Sadly, for those who did not read the novels, they will never understand the end of his story since only one film was made and it just scratched the surface. The film itself to be plagued by a couple of troubles like; a lawsuit and an elevation budget. By the time it was finished the hype had died. Even if it were to be restored now Anton Yelchin played the initial Odd who would play him now?

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