I recently purchased a winchester stainless maritime 12 gauge shotgun in fantastic condition. Nickel plated stainless v walnut stock and pump, 18 1/2\" barrel.

I picked it up because that $500 which i felt to be a an excellent deal. I admit that it to be an impulse buy and I dont recognize anything around them however I dropped in love through it and had to have it (wife not happy, lol).

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I would like to understand a few things:

1. What\"s that worth? virtually perfect condition, no scratches in lumber or nickel finish, one tiny missing flake the nickel next to trigger guard (approx. 1/4\" size)

2. Once were castle made?

3. How numerous were made?

There doesn\"t it seems to be ~ to be much information out there and I hope the experts here can aid me acquire out of hot water v the wife.

Thanks, Jeff


9 years ago

Thanks for the reply but it doesn\"t have actually a version number top top it. It just says winchester stainless marine 12ga.

I suspect it\"s a 1300 but I am no sure and also dont recognize enough around winchesters come tell the difference.


Bert H.
9 year ago


Can you short article pictures that the gun?

Bert H.


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