Can I Use Multiple Heaters With Just One Thermostat?

The brief answer is YES, you deserve to wire multiple heaters to one thermostat, but it relies on several components to ensure your circuit have the right to manage the pack. Many of the time people want to wire multiple heaters to one thermostat because they have actually a bigger room via multiple heaters in it or probably an open-idea living room wbelow a living room and dining room are one huge location. Having one thermostat to control both heaters will job-related just fine bereason you’re heating one larger space. However, it is crucial to store in mind it is not recommended to attach more than one heater from various rooms to a single thermostat bereason the temperature in both rooms would certainly be identified by the temperature of where the thermostat is situated, which is not right. Doing so would defeat the benefits of developing the zone-based heating that electric warmth is recognized for. With zone-based heating you warm each room individually, which maximizes individual comfort and minimizes the electrical bill. So just how carry out you hook up multiple heaters to one thermostat?

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IMPORTANT: The number of heaters you have the right to affix to one thermostat counts on your circuit size and also wiring

The number of heaters that you deserve to safely wire to one thermostat will certainly depend on the dimension of your breaker in the electrical box, what form of wiring you are making use of and also the wattage of the individual heaters. Generally 240V circuits are recommended for connecting multiple heaters one thermostat because 240V operates at reduced amperage. A 240-volt circuit running on a 20-amp, double-pole breaker, deserve to have actually any kind of combicountry of heaters as much as 3,840 watts. For instance, making use of simply one thermostat, you deserve to install:

Two 1,500 watt heaters, orThree 1,000 watt heaters, orFive 750 watt heaters

Refer to the chart below for other circuit breaker sizes and the maximum wattage enabled.


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IMPORTANT: You must wire heaters in parallel, not series as soon as making use of them with one thermostat

If you feel uncomfortable functioning via electricity hire an electrician.

All heaters need to be wired in parallel. You deserve to either execute that by connecting each heater to the thermostat straight, or by connecting each heater to the next — just be certain that each heater is connected to the source wires. Refer to the wiring diagram over.