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At Cheats food selection In choices Or settings something choose that (Just uncover It)

Code:Effect:DXCostume69K2Unlocks HBK and HHHs DX AttireKellyKG12RKelly Kelly"s alternative Outfit

if u pat the imperial rumble(any charater),then u will certainly hear the announcers talking, right?well,sometimes castle r strange enough to speak a wrestlers name once they have already been removed or no in teh complement yet,because it is wat they perform that might make u laugh(it renders me laugh).example:HHH eliminates HBK.10 minute later right into teh match,they will start talkin around how good HBK is or if the announcers are complaining about how negative he is(to them).my description of the mystery is bad,but it works.

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Since this is nice mnuch the just attire Shawn Michaels can transform into, I"ll give you this. Get in it in the Cheat code alternative In Options.

Code:Effect:DXCostume69K2DX Attire for Both Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Go into 24/7 Mode, pick the Laptop, and also select WWE Shop.

Unlockable:How"Ravishing" stack RudeBuy in the WWE Shop because that $210,000."Rowdy" Roddy PiperBuy in the WWE Shop for $210,000."Stone Cold" Steve AustinGo right into the hall of Fame and select rock Cold. After defeating him in a Submission complement using Bret Hart, you deserve to buy the in the WWE Shop. $210,000Bret HartDefeat Bret Hart in the room of fame direct challenge mode. Afterwards, buy the in the WWE Shop. $210,000JBLBuy in the WWE Shop because that $110,000.Mick FoleyDefeat Mick Foley in the room of fame direct difficulty mode. Afterwards, buy the in the WWE Shop. $210,000SabuBuy in the WWE Shop for $210,000.Shane McMahonBuy in the WWE Shop for $110,000.

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Terry FunkDefeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman in one ECW excessive Rules 4-way match using any kind of superstar top top "Legend" Difficulty. $210,000.The RockDefeat The rock as stone Cold in "Legend" Difficulty. $210,000Vince McMahonDefend a championship in 24/7 mode, $110,000