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The Xbox 360 is an older-generation console. However, the still has plenty the life in it as a classic gaming machine, a budget plan streaming box, and as component of family members fun. However like any type of machine, it can break. If her console flashes red LEDs top top the front, here"s just how to deal with it.

What Is the Red Ring the Death?

The red ring the death, additionally called RRoD in digital slang, stands for the 4 LEDs surrounding the Xbox 360 power button. As soon as the console operates normally, the upper-left quadrant that the ring is hard green. If the console experiences an error, one to 4 of the LEDs speed red.

You only see the RRoD on the initial Xbox 360 console. Various other models, prefer the Xbox 360 S and also Xbox 360 E, only have actually one clearly shows LED. When these models experience a problem, you see an error code on your television screen.

What walk One Red LED Illuminated Mean?

This code shows a hardware failure and is commonly accompanied by an error code such together E-74 on the TV.


Turn off the Xbox 360 completely. All lights need to be deactivated, and also you should hear the fan in the console revolve off.

Disconnect every cables and devices indigenous the console. This consists of power sources, controllers, USB sticks, and also other accessories.

Remove the exterior hard drive if one is attached. The exterior hard drive is a bump on the height of the console. Push the release switch on the height of the tough drive, and also it will certainly lift away.

Reconnect the power source and restart the console. Attach controllers and also accessories one at a time until either the error is tripped again, denote a problem with that specific accessory, or the controllers and also accessories affix without issue.

Shut down the console and also reattach the difficult drive. Reboot the console and check the drive. If the error shows up again, shut under the console and also contact Microsoft assistance for possible repair or replacement options.


Shut down the console and also clear away any items the are next to it or roughly it. Check, in particular, for anything the blocks the cooling vents or the pan on the console.

Move the Xbox 360 to an additional location near the TV, wherein it has open space. If it"s top top a crowded shelf, because that example, remove the items and also give the a room to itself.

What Does 3 Red LEDs Illuminated Mean?

This is the Red Ring of death referred to earlier. Three LEDs are the password for a basic hardware failure.


Look in ~ the strength source. There should be one LED on the brick next to the strength cable that goes right into the gaming device. If that LED is green, the issue is with the console.

If the LED is red or orange, unplug the power source and check the console top top a different outlet. Girlfriend don"t should plug it right into a TV. Instead, for sure the red LEDs don"t irradiate up. If girlfriend still view red LEDs with a eco-friendly light on the strength source, have the console repaired or to buy a brand-new one.

If the console needs repair, remove any accessories or external hard drives. This helps you choose up where you left off on a brand-new Xbox 360 if your original console can"t it is in repaired.

What Does 4 Red LEDs Illuminated Mean?

This way the cable connecting the Xbox 360 to the tv isn"t functioning properly. Shut under the console and unplug the cable completely from both the television and also Xbox. Wait a couple of minutes, and reconnect the two devices. If the cable still doesn"t work properly, replacements have the right to be found online or at any type of store the sells video games and video clip game accessories.

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Before you carry out that, look at on the earlier of the Xbox 360 for an HDMI port. If it has actually one, and also the TV likewise has one HDMI port, use an HDMI cable, accessible at any kind of store selling electronics. Not all models have actually this port, therefore check an initial before going come the store.