when Psy is plainly the star that Gangnam Style, you may not understand that his video co-stars are renowned too. -TNP Tue, Dec 04, 2012 The New document

Hwang Min Woo

WHO: The child on the beach appears - 0:22 Otherwise well-known as "little Psy", the seven-year-old shows up at the begin of the video where Psy is float on a coast that transforms out to it is in a playground.

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Apart from the steed dance, he additionally masterfully executes various other dance move of his own, every while keeping a surly expression.

Hwang made his TV debut top top South korean TV series Star King in 2010, wowing audiences through his edgy run moves and over-the-top facial expressions.

He then went on to take part in the 2nd season of Korea"s got Talent, wherein Psy"s manager spotted him.

Despite his short appearance in the video, he has made a huge impression together he is now showing up in advertisement for service providers such together LG.

Yoo Jae Suk

WHO: The gawky-looking chap with the bowl reduced in the carpark.

APPEARS - 1:42 Clad in an acid yellow suit and adidas shoes, Yoo steals the spotlight from Psy throughout their "epic" parking lot run battle.

Turns the end that the mushroom-haired "yellow-suit guy" is actually among the height comedians and also television master in southern Korea, having actually hosted the wildly popular selection show to run Man due to the fact that 2010.

Yoo"s Gangnam persona has proven for this reason iconic the he was parodied on united state comedy present Saturday Night Live.

WHO: The elevator pelvic thruster shows up - 1:54 He appears for just seven seconds however he made a most fans.

A 10 hour loop that his pelvic-thrusting elevator dance has been uploaded ~ above YouTube.

Simply titled "PSY - Gangnam style - Elevator run - 10 hours", the video clip has due to the fact that received more than 1 million views.

The "elevator guy" is in reality Noh Hong Chul, a korean comedian who has actually been involved in variety show Infinite challenge since 2005.

His elevator dance is actually his trademark move and also Psy has actually said Noh"s illustration wasn"t planned in ~ all.

He told Rolling stone magazine the Noh had actually visited the set and Psy spontaneously asked that to do the dance.


WHO: The girl top top the train, and who later obtained her own Gangnam video.

APPEARS - 2:11 She provides mass transit look choose the sexier means to ride. HyunA is a previous member that the Wonder Girls and is currently a member that 4 minute.

In August, she released her very own version the the Gangnam monster hit titled "Oppa just My Style", featuring her saccharine vocals.

While hitting nowhere close to the original"s check out count, HyunA"s version has actually over 170 million views.

HyunA had actually a taste that pre-Gangnam famous stardom as soon as she exit the racy balloon Pop! in July last year.

The video clip has more than 42 million views.

After Gangnam format gave her worldwide exposure, HyunA released the sexually suggestive video "Ice Cream" in October.

Psy makes a considerable cameo at the start, yet what probably aided to press it past 26 million views to be its R rating in south Korea, as result of its provocative scenes.

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