Keeping up with constant maintenance is the best method to make sure your vehicle gives you height performance. Your multi-information display screen gives you beneficial messages around your coolant temperature and also miles till your following oil change, however what around when there’s one unexpected company issue?

Lexus the Larchmont put together this valuable Lexus RX 350L dashboard light overview to help drivers native Yonkers to new Rochelle recognize when it’s time because that service.

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Malfunction Indicator

This light is often generally referred to as the examine engine light, because it reflects a photo of her engine with words CHECK listed below it. You’ll watch this appear in yellow, and also it have the right to mean that either there’s a problem with the electronic engine control system, the accelerator control, or the automatically transmission. While you can still drive safely in ~ a short speed, girlfriend should obtain your auto serviced immediately if you watch this light.

Tire pressure Warning

Another yellow light to look the end for is your tire push warning light. It looks choose an exclamation note that’s underlined and also inside a set of parentheses. Once this come on, the likely method that one of your tires is low on air. Check each one, consisting of the spare, for leaks and also punctures, then examine the waiting pressure. If none of them are low, it might mean that there’s a break down with the device instead.

Electric strength Steering system Warning

This irradiate looks favor a steering wheel through an exclamation note next come it. As soon as you see it popular music up in her Lexus RX 350L, you might also an alert that you’re having more difficulty steering or the the automobile is much less responsive. That’s since there’s been a break down with your strength steering system. This irradiate can appear in either yellow or red, relying on the severity. The is not safe come drive with this mechanism malfunctioning.

ABS Warning Light

The letter ABS stand for your anti-lock braking system. If this system malfunctions, you’ll view these letters on her dashboard in yellow. Your main brake will certainly still assist you avoid safely, however you should acquire this serviced appropriate away.

Brake device Warning

If you see words BRAKE in red on her dashboard, that’s a an ext serious brake issue. This means that your key brake system has a problem. The is no safe to continue driving v faulty brakes. As quickly as you notification this light, avoid the vehicle and also call for a tow truck.

Charging system Warning

A light that looks choose your automobile battery shows that there’s a difficulty with the charging system. You should stop the car immediately and turn the engine off. Proceeding to drive might be dangerous, due to the fact that a malfunctioning electrical system could reason the auto to suddenly shut down.

SRS Warning

This light shows up in red and also looks prefer a human being sitting down v a one in former of them. When the logo design shows that there’s a trouble with her airbag system, this irradiate can additionally mean the the seatbelt pretensioners have malfunctioned. Have your car serviced ideal away come make sure both this safety attributes are working correctly to safeguard you.

Master Warning Light

This light may be attach by a buzzer to give you both one audio and visual warning. The dashboard light is yellow and also looks prefer an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle. Both show a mechanism malfunction. Examine the article on her multi-information screen to watch what the details error blog post is about.

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Lexus Service

If you have any questions around this 2018 Lexus RX 350L dashboard symbols guide, call us at Lexus the Larchmont. We space proud to assist drivers in brand-new Rochelle and also Yonkers with all maintenance and also service issues. Girlfriend can additionally easily schedule organization online to easily get an appointment set up with our team of very trained technicians.