A mirage is caused by hot air close to the groundA. Refracting irradiate rays upward. B. Reflecting light beam upward. C. Refracting irradiate rays downward. D. Mirroring light rays downward.

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Phenomena such as diffraction and interference have the right to be most easily described in regards to theA. Ray version of light. B. Particle model of light. C. Wave version of light. D. Photoelectric effect.
Which of the adhering to object does no emit light?A. A candle fire B. The sunlight C. The Moon D. A burning coal
The photoelectric effect could not it is in adequately defined with a wave design of light becauseA. The power of the electron ejected native a steel varied directly with the intensity.B. The number of electrons ejected indigenous a metal depended on the intensity. C. The variety of electrons ejected from a metal depended upon the wavelength. D. The power of the ejected electron did not depend upon the intensity.
The table of contents of refraction is based on the proportion of the speed of irradiate inA. 2 transparent materials. B. Air come the speed of light in the transparent material. C. Water come the speed of irradiate in the transparent material. D. A vacuum to the rate of light in the transparent material.
Which of the following cannot be defined with a wave concept of light?A. Polarization. B. Interference. C. Photoelectric effect. D. Every one of the above.
Which the the following cannot be explained with a particle theory of light?A. Polarization B. Quantization of power C. Photoelectric impact D. Every one of the above
A virtual picture isA. Developed by irradiate rays. B. Your brain\"s interpretations of irradiate rays. C. Uncovered only top top the Internet. D. A genuine image created by computer system tricks with light.
As the angle of an occurrence ray of irradiate on a water surface ar increases, the edge of the refracted rayA. Also increases. B. Continues to be the same. C. Decreases. D. None of the above.

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You are able to check out non-luminous objects due to the fact that light has undergoneA. Diffusive reflection. B. Refraction. C. Constructive interference. D. A change in speed.
As the temperature of an item increases, the greatest amount that radiation emitted shifts toward much shorter wavelengths.TrueFalse