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map passwords:When structure a deck, push R3 in ~ the construct Deck display screen then get in the code for a card.
Ancient Tree of EnlightenmentEKJHQ109
Aqua DragonJXCB6FU7
Barrel DragonGTJXSBJ7
Beast King the The SwampQXNTQPAX
Blast SphereCZN5GD2X
Change of HeartSBYDQM8B
Crush CardSRA7L5YR
Dark HoleUMJ10MQB
Elf"s LightE5G3NRAD
Exodia"s Head37689434
Fairy King TrusdaleYF07QVEZ
Fairy"s GiftNVE7A3EZ
Goblin Fan92886423
Gravity Bind0HNFG9WX
Harpy"s Feather Sweep8HJHQPNP
Horn the The UnicornS14FGKQ1
Left arm Of ExodiaA5CF6HSH
Magician that FaithGME1S3UM
Meteor Dragon86985631
Mirror Wall53297534
Mystical catch ChainsN1NDJMQ3
Robotic KnightS5S7NKNH
Royal Decree8TETQHE1
Serpentine PrincessUMQ3WZUZ
Slate Warrior73153736
Swordsman native A foreign LandCZ81UVGR
Tactical Warrior054TC727
(supplied by: Harpreet Singh) Reincarnation:If you have lost at the very least 5 time to anyone, you can use this setting at her deck. In ~ the ideal side the the deck, placed your cursor on any kind of monster, then press L3.(supplied by: Harpreet Singh)To Unlock "Secret Bonus Cards":After to win a duel, friend gain accessibility to a Graveyard Slot Machine. If you pick 3 that the very same MONSTER map (not magic or trap), You will certainly unlock a mystery bonus map (you will understand you walk by seeing a yellow blinking cursor connecting the slot windows).(supplied by: jac)
There space 18 codes for this game.(M) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59EEE85CB0A BCC2C61A P1 9999 LP CEAD87C0 BCA9C292 P1 1 LP CEAD87C0 BCA99B84 P1 0 LP CEAD87C0 BCA99B83 P2 9999 LP CEAD7B90 BCA9C292 P2 1 LP CEAD7B90 BCA99B84 P2 0 LP CEAD7B90 BCA99B83 Goto critical Round: press L1+L2 0EACA538 BCA99582CEAD7DD8 BCA9FE83 99 Rounds: push R1+R2 0EACA538 BCA99082CEAD7DD8 BCA99C83 Deck price 1 CEAB0174 BCA99B84 99 Wins P1 CE95584C BCA99BE6 0 Wins P1 CE95584C BCA99B83 99 losses P1 CE95584E BCA99BE6 0 accident P1 CE95584E BCA99B83 Cards/Paths-Lancast DE95588A BFAC9E86DE955896 BFAC9E86DE955892 BFAC9E86 P1 limitless Moves CEAD7CD4 BCA99B83 P1 Never relocate CEAD7CD4 BCA99C83 every Cards DE8F0EFE F8AC9BB5DE8F0EFA F00C9213DE8F0E86 E0AADAD3DE8F0E82 F8AF02E5DE8F0E8E F06FA0A8DE8F0E8A F8B15B83DE8F0E96 F1B19B83DE8F0E92 48129B83DE8F0E9E CDB29B85DE8F0EA6 680F9B83DE8F0EA2 E00C9B87DE8F0EAE E0CA9A82DE8F0EAA D0AA9A7CDE8F0EB2 C4AFE563DE85CB6E C4AC9783 The Genie has more Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheat at CheatingDome.com.Get the best an option of Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and an ext from Cheat password Central.
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