Zen and also the art of Faking that by Jordan Sonnenblick. (Grades 5-8)Eighth grader san Lee just moved to Pennsylvania and also started at a brand-new school. He"s moved roughly a lot, native Texas to California come Alabama... And also in each place he"s assumed a brand-new identity, heeding come his father"s advice to "do as the Romans do". Now, v his dad (somewhat mysteriously) out of the picture, San needs to decide how he"s walking to present himself at school. I beg your pardon of his identities will certainly he choose? Conservative religious kid? ska boy? Macho jock? as soon as he finds out that his society studies class is examining Eastern religions, i m sorry he learned the year before at his Texas school, San"s brand-new identity is thrust upon him: Zen master. It fits perfectly v his figure (he and also his mom don"t have much money, therefore he"s compelled to stay sandals in the winter and also has no coat). And also the thing of his crush, a Beatles-loving guitar-playing wild-haired girl called Woody, appears to destruction it. So mountain goes come the library and studies up... But before he to know it, things have actually gotten means out the control. Will San have the ability to come clean and figure out his own identity? Or will certainly he continue to the a understand of Zen and also the art of Faking It?Jordan Sonnenblick is one of my newly-discovered favorite authors. While ns didn"t uncover his newest novel to be as funny or heart-breaking as his vault novels have actually been, ns still yes, really loved the characters and also the interesting cases he inserted them in. San has a real problem with identification in this book. He"s always been do the efforts to you re welcome other people (namely his father), for this reason he has actually no idea that he yes, really is. As mountain gets to recognize his like Woody, he finds the end that she has actually a many the very same issues. Ns think this publication will really speak to middle-schoolers, countless of whom are going through a period of figuring out that they are and who they desire to be.I found the entirety idea of mountain being a Zen understand to be a yes, really interesting principle for a story. Very first of all, i don"t understand much about Zen or any kind of Eastern religion and also this story sparked my interest (Sonnenblick does include a recommendation for world who want to learn much more about Zen). Secondly, it to be awesome just how as mountain was "faking it" and also studying up on Zen Buddhism, he actually learned a lot and also started to practice some the the Zen points he was discovering about. Because that instance, that "meditates" in ~ the start of each school day and also it start out together a way to show off for Woody, however as he keeps law it, san actually gets right into it.A note around the sheathe art... I don"t really know why mountain is standing on his head, however I really destruction the photo of his socks-and-sandals sticking the end in the center of the sky.So, yes. I took pleasure in it. I have actually really enjoyed every one of Jordan Sonnenblick"s books. They"re each an extremely different, yet each of them have an excellent characters that stick through you. He"s one to watch. And also he is a grasp of titles (Notes native the Midnight Driver and also Drums, Girls, and also Dangerous Pie). Ns love his titles.

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I wish I could write titles like him. If ns could, mine last 2 NaNoWriMo novels would certainly not be "Untitled".